Manhas Reaches Out to Citizens


Newly elected North Cowichan Council member Tek Manhas is starting off the New Year with a determined effort to make it easier for voters to give feedback on what’s going on at Municipal Hall.

Manhas says he made the commitment when he was campaigning for election to go out to voters rather than making them come to city council.

“I’m committed to listening and I’m setting up monthly sessions when I will be at convenient locations around the municipality,” Manhas said. “It might be a coffeeshop, or it might be at a local craft brewery. I will let people know when I will be there for a couple of hours during an evening.”

Manhas said he is launching a municipal councillor Facebook page where he intends to regularly update voters on issues and once a month he will post the time and location for the next community meeting.

“I like to call these sessions Tek Talks because it will be a chance for voters to come and talk to me,” he said. “My job will be to listen.”


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