Let’s Start the Conversation


in the new world of fake news and activist journalism, one wonders at the wisdom of adding yet another newspaper to that crowded world of online and print media. As the lines blur between spoken and written, and between journalism and activism, we are encouraged by the words of Arthur Millar, essayist and playwright, who said, “A good newspaper, I suppose, is a nation talking to itself.”

And so with that noble and high intention, we launch the inaugural edition of the Cowichan Post because, for our community, there is no single place where we can gather, either physically or intellectually, and where our community can talk to itself. And while we acknowledge the existence of other local publications, we intend to be deeper in our conversation and broader in our reach. We will strive to be that place people turn for that broad understanding and discussion.

To the notion of conversation, we commit to not just printing news, or matter-of-course reports, but instead the lofty pursuit of journalizing the events, connections, and circumstances into briefs that are at once concise and fulsome. We hope our efforts to make connections that define broader issues, and span a range of interests, will be a valuable addition to our community over the months and we hope, with generous support from our local business community, for many years.

Accordingly, our first issue takes a deep look at local health care in light of the new hospital that has been promised and is much awaited. We think the topic so broad and fascinating that many future stories will develop. And connected to health is that mysterious new world of cannabis, both medical and recreational.

And so what is your part? For surely a conversation requires two parties. Send us letters, talk to us on Facebook or Twitter, those are valuable ways to converse. But here’s our true aim. Our success will be in the coffee shop, or any place people talk. By steering conversations to local engagement, by making people care just a little more about our community, that’s how we’ll know we’ve added to the conversation the community has with itself.

And consider this: our success will be yours.



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