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It is sad to note that MLA Sonja Furstenau has once again taken up political expediency rather than objective good science to handle an issue in our region.

The hand-wringing and wailing about the Stebbings Road soil disposal site is completely unwarranted.

A few salient facts are in order:

1. The area being used for soil disposal is an old limestone quarry.

2. The rock of the quarry is impermeable to water, seepage through the walls and bottom of the quarry basin is a non-issue.

3. The soil being disposed of at the quarry is from building foundation digs in the Victoria area. The “contamination”, per se, is bits of building material (timber, concrete, gyproc).

4. Water flow over the rim of the quarry, in the direction of Shawnigan Lake is relatively low; no more than other runoff streams in the Shawnigan Lake basin.

5. It is doubtful that the heavy metal content of runoff from the quarry will be much different from other streams in the area. A simple sampling and testing programme of the quarry runoff and other streams in the area will conclusively resolve any doubts in this regard.

Let’s do away with the strident whinging and base our governance on good science and principled discourse. We are made of better things


  1. Thank You Cowichan Post for the REAL FACTS !! NOW, If SONIA FURSTENAU and ANDREW WEAVER will Please DO THEIR JOBS and Resolve the REAL DIRT Problems In OUR Communities >> We WILL ALL Be Grateful and Get On with Our Lives !!! HOMELESSNESS, DRUG ADDICTIONS, MENTAL ILLNESS, Rampant CRIME Are REAL and Daily Issues Affecting Families, Schools, Hospitals, Emergency Responders, Businesses, Recreation, Local Governments, Taxes, PUBLIC SAFETY, Dirty STREETS, Cost of Doing Anything , Personal Safety – THESE ARE THE REAL ISSUES Affecting US ALL !! Now Please- PROVINCIAL MLA’s – Members of Legislative Assembly ** PROVIDE FACILITIES for Treatment Centers for Addicts, Mental Health, New Hospitals = Convert the Old Hospitals to TREATMENT CENTERS !! put Fences up for the Neighbours or confined areas for outdoors use. Increase Police Support – Provide Facilities that are ‘ Holding Tanks’ NOT Back on the street next day… until either Placed in a REHAB FACILITY or Prisons that Retrain offenders to re-enter ‘society’ productively. Establish Farms or settings to be Productive and regain a sense of Value and Hope…. It’s a Big Island relative to everyone’s Problems being ‘stuffed’ in Downtown Duncan/ North Cowichan. We Need ACTION – No More Studies – IT’S REAL !! FIX IT !! Dirty Soil is Contained and Dirty Living Is All Around Us – Dirty Needles, Trash, Feces, Robbery, Vehicles, bikes stolen from people’s yards, breakins, hospitals plugged with addicts and mental health, ugly sights, Heartbreaking with HIGH COSTS not only monetarily ……. You Were Elected to GOVERN – Not to carry your personal Agendas on Our Backs !

    • Well said Joyce. Seems that politicians have forgotten that they are here to SERVE the public. Their personal agendas are always about getting re-elected.

  2. So what have the tests revealed from the water run-off? I think the number of leaking septic tanks/fields would be more of a concern, especially when they’re flooded in the winter rains.


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