Manage Investment Risk

Invest with your head, never your heart.  No investment is completely risk-free, but some investments carry more risk than others. Generally, the higher the expected return, the greater the risk. Having some investment risk is important because it can lead to greater income. The real trick is how you can minimize risk without sacrificing returns. […]

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Retirement Options – Just the Basics

Good for you! You have turned your attention to the ever-important topic of how to provide yourself with a decent retirement income. First you need to define your objective. What sort of retirement lifestyle do you want? Stay at home and read a book? Extensive international travel? Next, what is your risk tolerance and investment […]

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Cowichan Valley 2019 Economic Outlook

For local Cowichan Valley businesses, the coming year is expected to be one of cautious optimism and holding the course. That’s the projection from Susan Mowbray, a senior economist with the accounting and consulting firm MNP and one of the lead authors of the State of the Island Economic Report, published annually by the Vancouver […]

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