Cowichan Works Launches COVID-19 Survey


Cowichan Works is on the Internet with an online survey taking the pulse on how the Cowichan Community is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Now that the province has started to ease social distancing restrictions with the Phase 2 protocols and permissions, Cowichan Works decided to check on how the community is dealing with the easing and how comfortable they may be in returning to a more normal participation in the community,” said a statement from Cowichan Works co-chairs Jen Woike and Brian Danyliw.

“We will be widely publishing the results of the survey and are hopeful they will help as customers and businesses pilot their way forward.” the statement said.  “We also expect the survey results may assist local governments identify ways to help their communities making this transition.”

Cowichan Works is a non-profit community organization dedicated to supporting the creation of liveable communities and vibrant local economies that support the raising of families.

To participate in the survey click here…

For Further Information

Contact:              Jen Woike

                           Brian Danyliw


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