Sometimes It’s Easier to Ask Forgiveness


Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way or Civil Disobedience surreptitiously.

Except for the challenge of putting a puzzle together without looking at the picture on the box top or trying to figure out how to assemble an IKEA creation without following the instructions, I strongly believe in the advisability of following ‘the rules’ of common sense, logic, morals, regulations, standards and laws.

Here is the fun bit though; being innovative within ‘the rules’ just saves a heck of a lot of time and grief but still, the solution is usually found by ‘thinking outside the box.’

And that’s where the forgiveness vs permission angle kicks in; idea generators are nonconformists, mavericks are leaders; they don’t go around asking for permission to create and develop.

So now, let’s jump to the crisis within our community today.

Our community has a very real affordable housing crisis. There are a growing number of people of all ages and health, skill levels and financial standing who are homeless – through no fault of their own.

It really matters not why or how they are homeless; in a community everyone has the right to decent food, clothing and shelter, and if our local government cannot/will not provide, then the moral obligation falls to those nonconforming, maverick Individuals who are able to lead, and the doers who want to follow their example as long as the rule enforcers get out of the way.

Yes, we can say that it is the responsibility of the local authorities to solve the affordability issue, but just what can our local government do about it?

Or, is the real question: are they able to do anything about it? Or, is it even in their mandate to do something about it?

I think not because local governments are focused on planning, development and improvements; they are focussed on rule enforcement, not social housing issues; that falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government.

But if the Rule Enforcers just got out of the way and helped the Mavericks and Doers of our community solve our housing crisis – that is, focus on solutions, not restrictions; build gates not walls; help make it happen, rather than put up obstacles – it would be win-win for everyone.

How many homeless (or about to be homeless) people do you know? I currently know of three persons and one family in that predicament. Put yourself in their shoes, and then ask yourself: “What can I do to help?” “Do I know of anyone who is willing and able to create affordable housing.”

I believe it is the Mavericks and Doers in our community who hold the skills and wherewithal to help solve the problem and I believe they should use their acumen to create the solutions (despite the walls put up by the Rule Enforcers) and by the way, Remember, it’s not illegal until it goes through ‘Due Process’.


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