How Art & Music Improved My Health


My health continues to improve with each art and music activity that I take part in. Here’s my story.

Growing up in a small town in a large family added to my development as a socially withdrawn, low self esteem young man who consequently fought with depression and alcohol abuse. It was not until I heard this statement by Dr. Rollo May in his book “The Courage to Create” that I started to have a healthy life. “Unless you express your own original ideas; your own voice, you will have betrayed yourself”.

I had always loved music and painting. I wasn’t very good at music but I had an interest in painting. I found painting so much fun that it kept me working and learning and practicing until I felt better…just by painting. I learned the truth of the statement “Do what you Love and love what you do.”

Today I practice making artwork every day. I love it. Consequently I feel better. Depression and alcohol abuse no longer control my life .

Barry Strasbourg-Thompson BFA


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