The Cowichan Post Welcomes You!

Welcome to The Cowichan Post, a new publication for the Cowichan Valley that we hope will help readers “Make Sense of the News”.

We have designed a product that will be delivered by Canada Post to over 22,500 homes, apartments and businesses from Chemainus through to Cowichan Bay.

Initially we plan to publish monthly, with plans to move to weekly as sson as advertising support makes that possible. From the start we will have an online presence at Also look for us on Facebook.

Our primary focus will be to prepare in-depth analysis on issues of importance to the Cowichan Valley.

In this issue you will find detailed reporting on consultations and preparations for the design of a new facility to replace Cowichan District Hospital.

In the future we will be looking at municipal taxation and other topical matters as they arise or are timely for community discussion.

We will also feature news items that may point to the need for further analysis and understanding. If public feedback indicates readers are interested in getting more detailed information on these stories, we will provide that.

Cowichan Post will offer space for guest columns in every issue and we will, of course, devote significant space to Letters to the Editor.

We see our role as supporting informed discussion on matters of importance to the Cowichan Valley.

So please enjoy the first edition. We hope it delivers on our goal of providing information and context currently lacking.

Most importantly, give us feedback in the form ofcomments, letters for publication, and any other input you think may add value to our local newspaper.