Rowing Canada Coming to the Valley?


On August 5, 2015 the Duncan Journal contacted Rowing Canada, the Municipality of North Cowichan , The Duncan Community Lodge, and Moose International about information we had gathered that Rowing Canada was considering Quamichan Lake for a national training facility.

Based on our sources, meetings between the various parties had been ongoing for a number of months. On August 10th we received a response from Donna Atkinson of Rowing Canada and on August 11th North Cowichan placed an identical notice on their website.

Our sources indicate that Rowing Canada CEO Donna Atkinson met with senior staff at the Municipality of North Cowichan to discuss the possibility of creating a major rowing facility on property at Quamichan Lake at least as early as the beginning of May 2015.

According to our information, The Duncan Lodge Society has discussed the possibility of making arrangements with Rowing Canada for a training facility to be built on the Club property. The property is currently zoned for public use and a rowing facility  would fit the current zoning profile.

Failing an arrangement between Rowing Canada and the Duncan Lodge, our  sources told us that the Municipality of North Cowichan (MNC), understandably eager to land the training facility in North Cowichan, has pondered offering up Art Mann Park at the south end of Quamichan Lake.  

We contacted Dave Devanna, CAO of MNC for comment but have not received a response, however the posting on the North Cowichan website confirms that Art Mann Park has been considered.

One wrinkle is  that our sources indicate that a rowing training  facility requires quiet water and in this case could require restriction or elimination of powered water-craft on Lake Quamichan, sure to raise the ire of some residents, as would the potential elimination of Art Mann Park. Notably, Timberwest own the lake bottom but it is unknown who would have jurisdiction to limit or disallow motor powered craft on the lake.


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